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Aussie IT company deploys StorageCraft's disaster recovery tech

21 Aug 2017

When Michael White and Matthew Dean founded their company IntegrateIT Australia in 2012, they were motivated by the number of IT providers in the region that were sales driven rather than customer-driven.

Based in Queensland and Northern New South Wales, Dean and White are determined to provide personalised customer service that underpins IntegrateIT's services and solutions.

To do so, IntegrateIT has deployed StorageCraft technology to protect its customers’ systems and data, and the IT company says the technology is easy to use, flexible and affordable.

Although customer infrastructure varies and every site is unique, most have Windows Servers, SQL Servers, Terminal or CTX servers, and workstations, explains IntegrateIT.

The Australian IT company conducted an evaluation for a new disaster recovery solution. It needed a solution that, among other features, is capable of quick system restores, has the ability to test data recoverability, and has cloud disaster recovery capabilities.

“StorageCraft’s range of ShadowProtect solutions are the only fit that is suitable. There is no substitute for the advanced feature set that StorageCraft brings to backup and full disaster recovery,” comments White.

White says ShadowProtect presents a set of features that allow the restoration of files, and full recovery of the operating system, on different hardware.

It also allows physical-to-virtual, virtual-to-physical, virtual-to-virtual and physical-to-physical restores.

“ShadowProtect’s Virtual Boot of images and Headstart Restore work well and give us a proven and reliable way to reduce downtime should something untoward happen to a customer’s infrastructure,” adds White.

White says reliable backups and restores are crucial: “We look after so many networks and all of them, no matter what their size, would suffer some form of financial loss with downtime or data loss.”

“We ran ShadowProtect Virtual Boot using Oracle VM to recover the server to a high-level workstation to allow business continuity,” continues White.

Moreover, IntegrateIT Australia says it can continually test server restores and data integrity with ShadowProtect, which completes routine restores of lost files in 2 to 5 minutes  

Depending on the client, and the restore setting, a customer’s maximum data loss in the event of a disaster is between 15 and 59 minutes, according to IntegrateIT.

For some customers, IntegrateIT utilises ShadowProtect’s virtualisation capabilities by initiating physical to virtual restores. For others, they perform restores to the cloud.

“Whatever the restore format might be, we are 100% confident that ShadowProtect will work reliably to deliver timely restores,” concludes White.

“StorageCraft’s technology is backed by the sort of support we endeavour to give to our own customers.”

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