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AMP enhances employee experience with Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM
Tue, 19th Sep 2023

AMP, the retail wealth management and banking giant, has collaborated with Oracle to implement the Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) across Australia. This strategic move aims to centralise AMP's HR operations, simplify intricate processes, and elevate employee productivity and experience.

Established in 1849, AMP boasts a rich legacy of offering banking, super, retirement, and advice services to a vast clientele across Australia and New Zealand. However, the company faced challenges with its fragmented HR systems that catered to its 3,000+ workforce. These disjointed systems led to cumbersome manual HR tasks and deprived the company of the essential insights required to manage its workforce effectively. Recognising these challenges, AMP took the decisive step to consolidate its HR processes with Oracle Cloud HCM.

Malcolm Dore, the director of people services at AMP, remarked, “Our employees have come to expect intuitive technology and seamless processes – consistent with their home lives – and our previous HR systems weren’t hitting the mark.” He further added, “With Oracle Cloud HCM, we have streamlined our HR operations and created a unified employee experience to significantly improve insights and productivity as the organisation looks to the future.”

The integration of Oracle Cloud HCM has enabled AMP to unify its HR operations on a singular platform, thereby enhancing efficiency, refining insights, and ensuring a consistent employee experience. One of the notable features, the Oracle HR Help Desk, has notably improved AMP’s service levels. This tool efficiently routes employee inquiries to the appropriate HR personnel, facilitating quicker issue resolution and allowing the company to monitor and evaluate resolutions consistently. Furthermore, Oracle Talent Management has played a pivotal role in empowering AMP's employees. An impressive 90 per cent of the workforce now utilises the new performance management system, a significant leap from the previous 30 to 40 per cent.

Meredith Rowan, vice president of Applications at Oracle Australia and New Zealand, commented on the collaboration, stating, “With Oracle Cloud HCM, AMP has created a more efficient workforce by connecting HR processes and providing employees with a cohesive experience, which has resulted in better workforce insights and decision-making."

Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM is renowned for its comprehensive cloud solution that seamlessly connects every HR process and individual across an enterprise. It aims to foster a community where individuals feel valued, heard, and a sense of belonging.

AMP remains steadfast in its commitment to its core purpose - assisting individuals in shaping their future. Whether it's financial advice, superannuation, retirement income, or banking and investment products, AMP's mission resonates with its dedication to helping customers bolster their financial well-being and achieve their aspirations, irrespective of their magnitude.