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Australian recruiters increasingly utilising AI in talent acquisition, survey shows
Thu, 7th Dec 2023

A recent survey conducted by SmartRecruiters reveals that over 75% of Australian recruitment professionals are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) tools in their talent acquisition processes.

The results from the survey unveil more than half (55%) of the respondents are relying on Generative AI tools like ChatGPT. AI-powered candidate matching tools and AI-based assessments were endorsed by 21% and 18% of respondents respectively. "The results confirm the rapid uptake of AI technology across the recruitment sector. Clearly, leading recruitment firms understand the value the tools can deliver and the ways in which they can streamline the entire process", states Richard Lewis-Jones, VP Asia Pacific at SmartRecruiters.

When probing into recruitment trends being explored to stay competitive, over half (52.9%) of respondents cited AI-based sourcing. Only skills-based hiring tools surpassed this, receiving a nod from 55.9% of those polled. The survey also asked respondents about the technologies and tools they find most valuable for talent acquisition. 79% spotlighted Application Tracking Systems (ATS), while almost a quarter (24%) recognised AI-powered recruitment tools.

"There is a hunger for technology among recruiters who continue to have to work in a constrained market for talent", says Lewis-Jones. He anticipates the usage of technological tools to swell even further as their effectiveness escalates.

Besides, the results echo previous studies suggesting that the proficient use of digital technologies is a high priority across the sector. A recent report by KPMG indicates that 77% of Australian talent leaders considered talent acquisition, retention, and re-skilling their top challenge during 2023, and 61% expect this matter to persist for at least the upcoming three years.

"Getting the right people to perform the most effective tasks with the most efficient tools is more complex than it sounds, and this is no more evident than in the quest to create a positive candidate experience", admits Lewis-Jones. He explains that many talent acquisition teams struggle with staff shortages and must thus resort to technology to bridge the gap.

Lewis-Jones expects the fast-paced adoption of AI-powered tools to continue throughout 2024 as more firms understand the potential benefits. He concludes: "Just as AI is reshaping many areas of business, it will continue to drive change across the recruitment sector. It will be fascinating to watch how things evolve during the coming year".

The survey, conducted in November 2023, also found that talent acquisition managers' key initiatives for 2024 include reducing the time to fill positions and enhancing the quality of their hires.