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Castlepoint CEO Greaves wins accolades in cybersecurity

Fri, 14th Oct 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Rachael Greaves, the Co-Founder and CEO of Canberra-headquartered artificial intelligence (AI) compliance software specialist Castlepoint Systems, has been named Australia's most Outstanding Woman in IT Security.

Announced at the Australian Women in IT Security Awards 2022 gala event in Sydney last night, the awards recognise the country’s most inspirational women and men in the security industry.

Produced and organised by Source2Create, AWSN is the official partner of the Australian Women in Security Awards. Since its inception in 2019, the awards have grown to become the pinnacle in celebrating and raising the Australian IT security, cyber, and protective security industry profile and inspire young women and men to consider a career in the sector.

“I am thrilled to be named Australia’s most Outstanding Woman in IT Security for 2022,” says Rachael Greaves, Castlepoint CEO and Co-founder.

"The awards honour the accomplishments, value, and contributions that all the finalists make, giving them the recognition they richly deserve. As such, it’s a real privilege to be named the winner in such a talented category.”

“I am very proud of our Castlepoint team, our company and our mission and to be recognised by the judges is very humbling. The awards are an incredible initiative, and we are happy to be a part of it."

With regulated entities and private sector companies now coming under increasing attacks from malicious actors in attempts to access data, if a breach occurs, it's essential to understand what the exposure was quickly.

Castlepoint's powerful AI-driven eDiscovery, governance, risk, and compliance solution is the fastest, easiest way to find, manage, protect and de-risk all of an organisation's information, with no impact on how employees work now.

“Knowing and applying regulatory rules is one of the best ways to reduce cyber risk,” Greaves continues. 

“The best way to find all that risky data, track it, match it to the regulations and rules, and manage it compliantly, is via AI.”

“Organisations need to do what they can to reduce the likelihood of a breach – but they can never completely prevent one. But if attacked, it's important to reduce the impact, which means knowing our data so that we can focus efforts on what has the most risk, which often includes sensitive personal identifiable information, and financial data," she adds.

“Then we must understand the risks specific to the organisation, whether that’s IP, trade secrets, core business data, or regulated information. At Castlepoint our core focus is to make this possible.”

Castlepoint is a software solution that manages all the information in an organisation’s business systems. It automatically registers every digital record regardless of location or format and uses artificial intelligence to classify it against rules and regulations. These include secrecy provisions, privacy rules, records authorities, and appropriate lifecycle controls.

It acts as a single interface to find, relate, manage, and audit every record in an organisation's network, no matter what system it is stored in. It does this without any impact on existing systems or users, and without complex rules engines. This allows governance teams to have a complete view across the whole environment and to apply security, discovery and compliance processes to every single system from a single interface.

Some of the problems Castlepoint has recently solved include finding references to potential child abuse in government databases with 99.8% accuracy. 

Castlepoint provided command and control over more than 535,000 systems for one organisation. It also reduced the cost of legal discovery for one agency by 97% per year.

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