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DoiT extends support for Microsoft Azure to enhance cloud cost control
Mon, 13th Nov 2023

DoiT, a developer of cloud cost management technology and services with market expertise, has announced new support for Microsoft Azure billing data within its offerings.

In response to the evolving cloud demands of customers and their adoption of multicloud strategies, DoiT continues to extend partnerships with each cloud hyperscaler, aiming to better aid companies with their cloud estate management needs.

The added support for Azure billing data will equip Azure-only customers with the ability to make informed operational decisions using a granular analysis of their Azure billing data, complete with custom cost and usage reports and the capacity to detect out-of-ordinary Azure spending.

Further, multicloud customers using Azure will now have the capability to construct more comprehensive allocations, budgeting, and alerting across their public cloud estate, matched to specific business divisions such as products, teams, and environments.

DoiT's enhanced Azure support arrived one week after the company confirmed its five-year Strategic Collaboration Agreement undertaken to generate USD $5 billion in business with AWS.

John Purcell, Chief Product Officer of DoiT, conveyed the company's excitement in expanding their support for Microsoft Azure, emphasising it as a significant move in their dedication to becoming the premier multicloud partner in the market. He highlighted that this enhancement provides customers with vital tools for making informed decisions about their Azure spending.

Moreover, it offers multicloud users a unified view of their expenditure across major clouds within a seamless platform. Purcell characterised this development as a game-changer in the realm of cloud cost optimisation and control.

John Purcell says: "This is a significant step in our commitment to being the ultimate multicloud partner in the market."

"This enhancement equips customers with the essential tools to make informed decisions about their Azure spending, while also providing multicloud users with a consolidated view of their expenditure across all major clouds in one seamless platform. It's a game-changer for cloud cost optimisation and control."

The company has not only expanded support for existing products and features but has also launched the Azure Lens for all customers that use Azure workloads with DoiT. Azure Lens offers a unified overview of Azure infrastructure costs across resource groups, subscriptions, and more, enabling customers to easily identify potential areas of concern.

Ariel Pisetzky, Vice President of Information Technology and Cyber at Taboola, attests to the power of DoiT's products, suggesting that controlling cloud costs needn't be difficult. He said: "While the use of multicloud solutions increases the scope of the challenge, at the end of the day, if you have transparency and the right tools, you can solve your cost control needs."

"With DoiT's extended support of Azure, controlling our costs is that much easier with a single-pane-of-glass view into all of our clouds, accompanied by their built-in machine learning, automation, and automated reporting," says Ariel Pisetzky.