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ECA International Group unveils unified global mobility platform
Tue, 19th Mar 2024

The ECA International Group, a collaborative initiative incorporating ECA International (ECA), Tracker Software Technologies (TST) and Global Expat Pay (GEP), has launched a new unified global mobility platform. The high-profile unboxing took place at the ECA's Mobility Hub 2024 event in London’s Savoy Place last week, during which 100+ global mobility professionals attended, including senior leaders from Siemens, Heineken, Ford, Philips, and Daimler Trucks.

This launch marks a strategic evolution for the group as it shifts from a club for international firms to exchange expat data to a consolidated software platform facilitating the managing of mobile workforces. The goal of this platform, powered by proprietary data, is to develop a unified global mobility ecosystem, uniting global mobility teams, business users, relocation companies, global payroll providers, advisors, assignees, travellers and remote workers.

The move is considered timely, given the mounting complications of global mobility, as well as an increased emphasis on tax and immigration compliance. The cloud-based SaaS platform is being hailed as a "single source of truth", simplifying the complexities of worldwide assignments, business travel, remote work, permanent relocations, and global payroll, thus giving a better-unified perspective for managing global workforces.

The platform integrates all aspects of managing a mobile workforce and is presented as a user-friendly solution aimed at empowering multinational companies to deploy and manage their global workforce efficiently, effortlessly, and compliantly.

Data is foundational to this new platform, which features an unparalleled wealth of global expatriate data. It is powered by a rules engine containing over six million cross-border tax and immigration rules, offering a unique user experience that distinguishes it from its competitors. Users gain access to market-leading tools, tax engines, real-time metrics, and personalised actionable insights, which allow for straightforward data-driven decision-making.

To ensure data security, the platform will be hosted on AWS and safeguarded by SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 certifications. Thus, clients are guaranteed protection of employee mobility data and global compliance.

Andrew Shaw, the Group Chief Executive at ECA International, emphasised the dynamic nature of the global mobility landscape and the necessity for a responsive and adaptable solution. The launch of their new platform at the Mobility Hub marks a significant advancement for the ECA International Group, enabling them to better assist companies worldwide with their global mobility management and compliance requirements.

Shaw said, “The global mobility landscape is fast-paced, and it requires a responsive and flexible solution to keep up with that speed of movement. Unveiling this new, intuitive and insightful platform at the Mobility Hub is a major step forward for the ECA International Group as we forge forward as a unified front in our aim to support companies the world over with their global mobility management and compliance needs, now and into the future.”

ECA is now collaborating with clients through a phased migration programme, implementing feedback into the platform to shape its features and ensure it can solve specific global mobility pain points, both in the present and future.