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Exclusive: Expansion on the horizon for SpendConsole
Thu, 7th Dec 2023

SpendConsole, an Australian FinTech organisation, is making waves in the enterprise payment sector with its innovative approach to secure and compliant financial transactions. Founded in 2014 in Sydney, the company has recently expanded into the Middle East, signing a major tea company and focusing on regions including Dubai, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

Abid Ali, the founder and CEO of SpendConsole, highlighted the company's journey: "We started in Australia, and now we're expanding into fast-growing regions like the Middle East." With a modest team of 12, SpendConsole is rapidly growing, preparing to onboard new staff in response to increasing demand.

The company's standout solution is its accounts payable automation platform. "Our AI platform digitalizes and validates complex invoices, ensuring secure and compliant payments to suppliers," explained Ali. This system addresses the challenges of processing invoices with hundreds or thousands of line items, a task crucial for enterprise businesses.

SpendConsole has recently introduced a payments platform, enhancing its service to cover the entire process from receiving invoices to facilitating payments. "We're partnering with payment providers in various regions to offer a comprehensive platform for managing supplier invoices and payments," Ali said.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the core of SpendConsole's operations. Established around 2019, their AI technology has matured, tackling practical use cases and enhancing enterprise productivity. "AI is the next big technology to move the dial in enterprise productivity, which has been stagnant for the last five to 10 years," Ali stated.

SpendConsole's solutions cater to a broad range of industries, including federal and state government, the mining sector, and the financial industry. Ali emphasized the cross-industry applicability of their platform: "Every business has to pay third parties, from corner shops to large enterprises."

A key challenge for SpendConsole's customers is managing the complexity of back-end operations as businesses grow. Ali explained, "Our solution drives productivity, compliance, and security, protecting organisations from invoice and payment fraud." The rise in sophisticated fraud tactics makes SpendConsole's AI-driven approach increasingly relevant.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of SpendConsole's solutions. "COVID pushed us towards greater reliance on technology, transforming back-end operations to digital means," Ali remarked. This shift has elevated accounts payable from a transactional function to a strategic one, contributing significantly to an organization's financial health and supplier relationships.

SpendConsole's partnership with major players like SAP and Microsoft enhances its capability to support customers within these ecosystems. Additionally, their collaboration with Australian and New Zealand taxation offices focuses on regulatory compliance and electronic invoicing.

As SpendConsole continues to evolve with the landscape, Ali remains optimistic about the future. "The demand is high, and there is room for growth both for us and other organisations in this space," he concluded.