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HubSpot adds new features to Marketing Hub Enterprise

16 Jan 2020

Hubspot has released a set of new features in Marketing Hub Enterprise, giving growing companies an enterprise marketing software that is easy to use.

New revenue attribution reporting, AI-powered A/B testing, partitioning, and account-based marketing tools now available in Marketing Hub Enterprise empower companies to execute their 2020 marketing plans without the outdated user experience that comes with legacy systems.

Ease-of-use for the enterprise

Business leaders today are not realising the full benefits of their technology investments.

A major cause of this underutilisation, according to Accenture, is the “enormous challenge of innovating with legacy systems.”

Growing businesses cannot afford to leave any potential power untapped, and cannot expect to stay competitive in 2020 with tools that slow them down precisely at the moment they need to be moving faster.

Most enterprise software users today face sluggish load times, counter-intuitive designs, unnecessarily complex processes, and all-round clunkiness, when what they need from their software is the ability to put their most innovative ideas into action, quickly.

HubSpot outranks all other enterprise marketing software providers in’s Winter 2020 Grid Report for Marketing Automation, and is offering growing businesses a modern enterprise solution that allows them to take full advantage of the tools at their disposal.

“Marketing teams today use only a fraction of the potential power available in their tech stacks,” says HubSpot Marketing Hub general manager Nicholas Holland.

“With this version of Marketing Hub Enterprise, we’re able to offer marketing and operations leaders an enterprise solution that their teams will enjoy using — one that prioritises power, flexibility, and usability, and makes it easy for their best people to do their best work.”

Marketing made easy

Now available in Marketing Hub Enterprise are revenue attribution reporting, AI-powered A/B testing, partitioning, and account-based marketing tools.

In addition to these new features, HubSpot is providing expanded capacity for users.

With revenue attribution reporting in HubSpot, marketers can see exactly which touchpoints and channels drive the most value for their company, giving them the ability to make smart investments by channel and campaign.

Marketing Hub Enterprise now also includes:

  • AI-powered A/B testing, enabling marketers to optimise performance with artificial intelligence. Users can create up to five variations of a page and instruct HubSpot to send more traffic to the best-performing versions, making complex conversion path optimisation quick and easy.
  • Partitioning [beta], giving marketers the ability to separate assets by team and stay organised across multiple functions. This solves a common challenge for rapidly growing global marketing teams.
  • Account-based marketing [beta], providing marketers with the tools they need to launch ABM campaigns in minutes, not months. Users can take advantage of easy-to-use templates, company scoring, and out-of-the-box reports to identify target accounts, deliver relevant content, and measure impact.
  • Increased limits on workflows, lists, and more, giving HubSpot users more room to grow.
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