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Intuit's 'Business Differently' lands in Australia with QuickBooks
Tue, 5th Mar 2024

Intuit QuickBooks, a global financial technology platform, has announced the launch of its new brand platform 'Business Differently' in Australia. This new campaign is staging a challenge to traditional views of business success in the nation, aiming to support small businesses struggling with administrative burdens. Moreover, the platform is intended to evolve according to market dynamics and the various business goals of the users.

The brand platform is rooted in understanding the challenges that small enterprises face today. The weight of administration, being a significant one, has been a major focus in the campaign launched by QuickBooks. Australian business owners are showcased overcoming business hurdles on their own terms with the help of QuickBooks. The amusing narratives encapsulate how business owners use the QuickBooks mobile app as their secret weapon, saving them both time and energy as they navigate the complex terrain of running a business.

Scheduled to go live across various platforms like TV, radio, social media, digital and earned media, the campaign will be launched by QuickBooks' integrated agency village, comprising creative agency R/GA, media agency Avenue C, and PR agency Edelman Australia.

As a significant part of the Business Differently campaign, QuickBooks is partnering with popular Australian comedian Matt Okine to create The Okine Hotline. This engaging hotline aims to delve deeper into the stories of businesses and the impact of business admin on them. It further emphasises how QuickBooks is well-positioned to transform the path to success for small business owners.

Jane Merrick, Marketing Director at Intuit QuickBooks, highlighted the campaign's intent: "The challenge for our agency partners was to talk to the real, local heroes, Australian SMBs, ensuring that we could clearly articulate QuickBooks' brand role to this audience in a different way."

"By portraying Australian SMB owners using the QuickBooks mobile app while working on the go, we are showing SMBs a better way to do business admin and gain precious time back in their lives," said Jane Merrick. 

Victoria Curro, Managing Director, R/GA Australia, praised the collaborative effort in creating the brand platform, stating, "Collaborating with teams from FCB US, UK and Canada, we were able to create a powerful brand platform that resonates in every market. We are excited to bring it to market for QuickBooks in Australia."

Will Chapman, Managing Partner, Avenue C, also commented, "Our media strategy focuses on leveraging the highest attention media moments so creative cut-through to an extremely busy business decision maker is maximised. We look forward to this seeing campaign in-market."

Tom Robinson, CEO of Edelman Australia, shared his perspective, "Each agency brings its unique strengths across the creative, strategic and digital space to deliver a campaign that, through real-life storytelling, truly delivers an exceptional brand experience."