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IWD 2024: Boosting inclusion measures to change perceptions of STEM
Fri, 8th Mar 2024

When STEM programs are combined with progressive policies, they serve as a powerful tool to support more women to consider a career in technology as an empowering pathway to success. This starts by changing perceptions, and by engaging differently to raise the bar with inclusion. 

Changing perceptions is at the core of innovation – it is the very act of looking at a problem from a different perspective that inspires better ways of overcoming it. With the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day being Inspire Inclusion, NetApp is proud to support initiatives that foster a culture of belonging and diversity in the workforce to drive innovation. 

NetApp's Sales, Support, and Services (S3) Academy stands as a shining example of how such initiatives can not only attract more women to the tech industry but also retain them, driving a brighter future for the sector. The professional development program is tailored for Early In Career talent with aspirations to become future leaders, sales professionals, and technical pioneers of NetApp.

The stories of our female employees at NetApp who have started their careers in technology through the S3 Graduate program stand as a testament to the profound impact that gender diversity has on individuals and the industry as a whole. 

At the heart of this program is a comprehensive 90-day training module conducted at the NetApp training centre in the US. During this immersive experience, participants dive headfirst into the intricate world of software, systems, and cloud technologies that are currently shaping our world and will continue to do so in the future.

I am immensely proud of the impact our S3 Graduate program and progressive policies have had in championing gender diversity within the technology sector by building more balanced and diverse teams through a diverse pipeline.

Our commitment to fostering female talent isn't just about ticking boxes; it's about creating an inclusive environment where women can truly excel. The success stories of our female employees, such as Jenna Moss, Victoria Lam, Angel Lee, and Daniela Miličević, are a testament to our dedication to gender diversity. 

NetApp's S3 Academy is a potent force in nurturing talent, but its impact is significantly amplified when combined with progressive policies and programs. Together, they are reshaping the landscape of the tech industry in Australia, ushering in a higher number of female employees and reducing the attrition rate of women.

When we empower women to thrive, the entire industry benefits and we look forward to continuing our journey towards a brighter, more inclusive future for tech in Australia.

Commentary from Graduates of NetApp's S3 Academy Program:
Jenna Moss, Channel Sales Manager, NetApp Australia & New Zealand 
“I'm excited to learn and grow with this incredible opportunity, and even more thrilled to return to Melbourne to take on an exciting new role in FY25. I am extremely grateful for the relationships I've built with the Canberra and Melbourne teams, the ANZ Partner team, my trusted NetApp Partners and Distributors and my extended network.”
Angel Lee, Sales Operations Specialist, NetApp Australia & New Zealand
“The S3 Academy has been instrumental in my professional growth. The immersive training program has provided me with invaluable experiences, skill sets, knowledge, and networks to help me be more confident and ready for success at NetApp.”
Victoria Lam, Technical Solutions Specialist, NetApp Australia & New Zealand
“The S3 Academy extended my career network across the globe, transferring from Hong Kong to Australia. It’s exciting to work on cutting edge infrastructure projects in avant-garde technological sectors, such as Artificial Intelligence. I also had the unique opportunity to study a Master of Internet Technology specialised in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Melbourne.”
Daniela Miličević, Public Sector Client Executive, NetApp Australia & New Zealand
“Joining NetApp's S3 Academy was a transformative career journey, providing me with cutting-edge skills and strategic insights to develop a strong career in the technology sector. 
Now as a Public Sector Client Executive, entrusted with managing NSW State Government and Higher Education customer accounts, it's evident that NetApp's program not only shaped my expertise but also propelled my career to impactful heights within the dynamic technology landscape.”