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Kyndryl debuts Google Cloud security solutions for Australian finance sector
Wed, 1st Nov 2023

Kyndryl, the world's expert provider of technology infrastructure services, has introduced new services aimed at financial services organisations looking to safeguard and store their sensitive and confidential data using Google Cloud.

These offerings emphasise security and automation whilst supporting Australian financial services bodies with the increasingly complex landscape of regulatory and compliance requirements.

The company has carefully developed its financial services competencies to exploit Google Cloud's essential security features, which are relied upon by the financial industry. This includes Confidential Computing, Sensitive Data Protection, and the Security Command Centre.

Kyndryl's new services have been created to support customers' regulatory and compliance activities and requirements by providing a unified, scalable, and security-rich data platform. Developed on Google Cloud's reference architecture for financial services, they focus on making compliance more accessible for customers and promoting automated security.

Customers can also utilise Google Cloud's state-of-the-art security solutions like Confidential Computing to secure sensitive data and the Google Cloud Security Command Centre to track threats and identify vulnerabilities.

Kyndryl's financial services operation for Google Cloud is a tailor-fit solution designed to meet the unique requirements and regulatory standards of the financial industry. The new services and capabilities are central to digitally modernising banks and other financial institutions and include Kyndryl Consult's architects and engineers, developer and delivery teams with vast experience, Cloud Native Managed Services offered by Kyndryl, and Kyndryl's compliance and security expertise.

Partnering with Google Cloud, Kyndryl adopts a modular, industry-experience-based approach to cloud security and privacy. The aim is to exceed the insufficient and constricted capabilities of generic services and meet the needs of financial services customers through a more industry-focused cloud approach.

Meenagi Venkat, Vice President, Kyndryl Consult, Cloud, says: "We have developed innovative services with advanced security capabilities to help financial services organisations plan and implement their data and application environment in Google Cloud."

Kyndryl's extensive 30+ years of expertise with the design, building and management of mission-critical IT infrastructures assures customers they can run and execute business transactions in the cloud with utmost confidence and security.

Benjie Harrison, Director of Global Alliances, Google Cloud, says: "Services partners like Kyndryl provide the ongoing expertise and resources many enterprises need for large-scale digital transformation projects. Kyndryl will now provide financial services companies with new solutions that apply Google Cloud's trusted infrastructure and security tools to help customers achieve their business transformation goals."

To ensure a smooth and rapid transition to Google Cloud, Kyndryl has focused on critical enablers such as industry-specific designs which accelerate onboarding. These services empower businesses to adopt modern operation practices (e.g., Infrastructure as Code) and adjust to specific customer requirements and local regulatory essentials. More so, they assist customers in confidently and securely solving business challenges.

Applying deep industry expertise and cloud-native capabilities, Kyndryl has created dynamic financial services based on an operating model that continuously governs and optimises performance, aligns cloud pricing and spending with business outcomes, and delivers composable cloud services for faster solutions and revenue generation.