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Logi-Tech & ARIA Cybersecurity unite to defend Australian infrastructure
Mon, 27th Nov 2023

A groundbreaking new solution designed to protect Australia's critical infrastructure from increasing cybercrime threats has been launched by ARIA Cybersecurity in partnership with local managed security service provider Logi-Tech.

AZT PROTECT, a pioneering service for protecting critical applications in operational technology environments, such as manufacturing, mining, and government, has been added to Logi-Tech's portfolio. Logi-Tech is an esteemed provider of managed security services (MSSP) based in Adelaide.

Logi-Tech's freshly introduced managed Security Operations Center (SOC) service harnesses a unique combination of the ARIA Advanced Detection Response (ADR), an AI-powered security information and event management (SIEM) solution, and AZT PROTECT. By offering managed services for both IT and operational technology (OT) clients 24/7 from its SOC 2-compliant data centre situated in South Australia, Logi-Tech is providing constant security assurance and the expertise to resolve security incidents promptly.

Logi-Tech was able to integrate ADR and AZT PROTECT into its offering within a few hours and with minimal training, thereby eliminating significant cost or delay. Significantly, Logi-Tech ensures all data is confined within their SOC 2 data centre, fulfilling data sovereignty requirements by preventing any sensitive information from being transported outside of the country.

In light of Australia’s Critical Infrastructure Risk Management Program which became effective in February 2023, the managed service will enable Logi-Tech to meet the surging demand for protection against cybercrime. The legislation, aimed at safeguarding the nation's critical infrastructure, mandates companies to undertake new responsibilities, including the compulsory reporting of cyber incidents and ensuring data sovereignty.

As per the Australian Cyber Security Center, sectors such as government, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, and utilities were chiefly targeted by cybercriminals in 2021/22. A recent high-profile attack saw Optus, a telecoms company, succumbing to a data breach that impacted approximately 10 million customers, comprising about 40% of the Australian population.

Logi-Tech's Managing Director, Peter Moore, commented, "Companies operating critical infrastructure across Australia are compelled to tackle the growing menace of cybercrime and adhere to new regulations, though often lack the necessary skills and resources. The ARIA solution was an ideal addition to our cybersecurity portfolio, enabling us to cater to high-value customers across various vertical industries by offering a first-rate solution."

Unique to OT environments, AZT PROTECT has been custom-built to defend against sophisticated zero-day and supply chain attacks, without the necessity for incessant security patching. Utilising a revolutionary AI-driven patented technique for analysing executable code, scripts, and processes, it significantly minimises application vulnerability exploits by neutralising threats in real time before causing damage.

"Service providers are exploring avenues to promptly launch an effective service for protecting critical infrastructure to ensure resilience and regulatory compliance," said Gary Southwell, Vice President and General Manager, ARIA Cybersecurity. "Partners such as Logi-Tech meet this rapidly growing market demand by providing a critical infrastructure protection service based on AZT PROTECT, deployable within minutes and capable of combating even the most sophisticated nation-state and supply chain attacks."