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Lumify Learn launches Academic Accelerator to address IT skill gap in Australia
Wed, 7th Feb 2024

Lumify Learn, a key component of the Lumify Group and leading provider of IT education, has announced the introduction of its innovative Academic Accelerator program. This programme is designed to address Australia's digital skills shortage by producing more work-ready IT professionals.

The Academic Accelerator program introduces an alternative pathway to traditional methods of higher education in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector. The new approach offers students more flexibility and affordability without compromising global recognition and employability.

Lumify Learn is hoping to disrupt the traditional approach to higher education by offering a more student-centric model. By addressing global recognition, flexibility, affordability and employability, the program aims to give more students the opportunity to learn the crucial balance of foundational IT skills and the specific vendor-certified competencies currently lacking in Australia.

Almost 70% of Australian IT jobs are facing a shortage crisis, costing the nation's economy a substantial $3.1 billion every year. As per studies conducted by the government in 2023, IT university graduates in Australia were found to be the least employable across ten surveyed sectors, highlighting a gap that the Lumify Learn Academic Accelerator program hopes to bridge effectively.

Joshua Cameron, General Manager at Lumify Learn, reflected on the predicament facing the industry, saying, "Australia's digital skills gap cannot be bridged by conventional higher education and pathways alone. We are very excited about the launch of the Lumify Learn Academic Accelerator Program to offer a disruptive and compelling alternative to the new generation of digital and ICT students: there is no longer a need to choose between work experience, life or university. You can have it all. Live it all. Learn it all."

The vision behind Lumify Learn's mission is to enable more students to embark on successful IT careers by mastering the most in-demand IT skills. Powerful and effective educational programs like the Academic Accelerator aim to bridge the gap between education and industry needs and shape the future of IT and digital professionals by giving students direct access to top-tier trainers and mentors.

In addition to enriching lives through academic excellence, Lumify Learn's Academic Accelerator is committed to providing unique and accessible pathways to success. Furthering its pledge to expand opportunities for its students, the Lumify Learn Academic Accelerator programme offers a dual educational experience, bringing together the solid academic foundation offered by Lumify Learn and the prestigious recognition of partnering universities.

Explaining how Lumify Learn intends to resonate with today's generation of students, Cameron said, "The Academic Accelerator program resonates with today's generations aspirations that they can carve their own paths to successful career without compromising on life. Lumify Learn is the alternative, offering adaptability and flexibility to not miss out on enjoying life or building your career."