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Magentus, Google Cloud to revolutionise healthcare with GenAI
Fri, 8th Mar 2024

Magentus, a global leader in clinical services, has partnered with Google Cloud to harness generative AI (gen AI) for streamlining how healthcare professionals extract insights from large, often unstructured, medical data. This endeavour aims to revolutionise patient diagnosis, treatment and overall outcomes on a significant scale.

As part of this agreement, Magentus is building a centralised and secure foundation for customer data on Google Cloud, easing accessibility for clinicians. The healthcare technology leader will utilise Google Cloud's gen AI and large-language models (LLMs) such as Gemini and MedLM, specifically fine-tuned for the healthcare sector. This would allow for efficient extraction of insights from multiple file formats of medical data including clinical notes and observation records.

Mark McConnell, Magentus Group Chief Executive Officer iterated on the potential of this partnership, "Greater access to the highest quality data benefits every aspect of healthcare, from patients and staff on the frontline to those driving life-saving research and developing new treatments.

"However, Google Cloud's gen AI capabilities, including LLMs fine-tuned for healthcare industry use cases, allow us to bypass resource shortages at scale," he said.

Moreover, Magentus plans to explore using Google Cloud's Vertex AI for content generation. This includes virtual assistants to document observations and draft communications like referral letters for clinicians to edit and approve. As McConnell said, "Medical professionals are under constant pressure to do more with less, and gen AI offers huge potential for doing so in both processing and creating information."

Magentus will collaborate with customers on diverse use cases, capitalising on Google Cloud's Healthcare API for securely de-identifying and standardising clinical data in accordance with global healthcare standards. There will be a specific focus on regional requirements like HIPAA compliance in the United States.

Stuart Behncken, Magentus Head of Data Management elucidated their vision by stating, "The interoperability offered by Google Cloud, coupled with its commitment to the health industry’s stringent standards in cybersecurity, privacy and data protection, resonated strongly with our vision for a truly end-to-end digital healthcare ecosystem with trust at the core."

Simultaneously, Magentus said it promises to work with existing pathology, oncology and radiology customers for seamless and secure integration of data with third-party systems via Google Cloud's Apigee API management platform. The endeavor will collectively assist in building a more comprehensive picture of patient health.

Aashima Gupta, Director, Healthcare Solutions at Google Cloud, acknowledged the long-standing market leadership of Magentus in clinical data management, terming it as a unique position to unify the digital healthcare experience with the aid of gen AI. She reinforced Google Cloud's commitment to uphold its responsible approach to data governance and privacy, ensuring that only Magentus controls access and use of patient data, in alignment with its customers' consents.