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Natalie Legg becomes A23's CEO in strategic leadership reshuffle
Thu, 14th Dec 2023

Natalie Legg has been named the new CEO of Canberra-based systems integrator A23, an appointment aimed at pushing growth and expanding the enterprise's horizons beyond Canberra’s city borders. This move is part of a broader shake-up of A23's leadership, with a critical focus on ameliorating diversity throughout the company.

Simon Metcalfe, the former CEO, will transition to the new role of Chief Growth Officer. Together with Legg, they will execute a strategy designed to foster innovation and spur on growth for the company. A23, established by a group of friends and colleagues, including Legg and Metcalfe, now employs close to 60 people and posts annual revenues of nearly $30 million. The company is setting its sights on a 75% growth increase within the next three years.

Metcalfe expressed his delight over Legg's appointment, highlighting her capabilities, loyalty to A23, and unique perspectives as an indigenous woman. "Having a First Nations woman move into this role really represents something for the company, it's about advancing opportunities. This is an industry dominated by men, especially in senior leadership, that should change, and this reflects that. It is a chance to lead by example," he states.

Legg, who is also a business entrepreneur with her own cafe and bar in Canberra, has expressed her readiness for the new challenge. "At a macro level, I want us to grow, to grow beyond Canberra with more private sector clients. At a cultural level, I want to lead a company with clear communications and a positive culture. And I hope we can continue to be an employer of choice, championing diversity with more women and diverse cultural backgrounds," she says.

Legg further outlined her vision for 25% year-on-year growth over the next three years, spearheading more work outside of government and diversifying business offerings. All the while, keeping an eye on the base in Canberra, with a sentiment that they have only just begun.

A23's Chair, Dean Taylor, commented on the shift in leadership roles suggesting that the move allows both Natalie and Simon to concentrate on areas that they are passionate about. "Natalie and Simon have both invested so much in the company and are committed to its success," he says. "The transition is a positive refresh that ensures continuity, while turbocharging growth. It is a win-win."

Metcalfe's decision to step down from the position of CEO was born out of his recent travels, his first extensive break in 15 years. It gave him the opportunity to reassess his role and the company’s trajectory for continued growth. "We recognise that to grow further we need a focused sales engine to drive our goals over the next three years. I’m looking forward to working with the team to build and drive this," Metcalfe concludes.

Legg, a proud Kamilaroi woman who has lived in Canberra for nearly 20 years, with A23, now at the helm, exemplifies an inspiring business story of growth, diversity and determination to expand on Australian soil and beyond.