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OneTap Loyalty revolutionises retail with payment card-integrated rewards
Tue, 16th Jan 2024

In yet another breakthrough in Australian technology, a new digital platform named OneTap Loyalty is set to transform the retail industry's approach to loyalty card systems. The technology developed by Elevate Loyalty streamlines the process of earning reward points and loyalty benefits by integrating payment cards with the loyalty programs of various retailers.

OneTap Loyalty eradicates the time-consuming task of rummaging for a specific loyalty card while standing in the store queue. Instead, the platform ensures that loyalty benefits are directly tied to payment cards, providing consumers the ease of earning points or rewards each time they shop, whether they physically present their loyalty card or not.

Carly Neubauer, Co-Founder and Director of Elevate Loyalty, the brains behind this innovative platform, stated, "OneTap Loyalty registers a consumers' payment card to their loyalty program so all the shopper has to do is tap and pay when shopping in the retail store or online. The payment card will detect that the shopper is part of the stores loyalty program and award the points. It works with any loyalty program and works no matter where or when a customer shops."

She further explains that this revolutionary technology is about ensuring that consumers receive their reward points and benefits every time they shop, regardless of whether they have remembered to use their loyalty cards or not. It works effortlessly whether the transactions are online or in-store. This platform also enhances customer satisfaction by notifying them instantly about the awarded reward points through a surprise message on their phone.

Neubauer pointed out that approximately 50% of retail transactions are not attributed to customers' loyalty accounts for various reasons, like not having their card on hand or being in too much of a hurry at the checkout. This figure drops to a staggering 20% during high sale seasons such as Christmas, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

She commented, "This means millions of dollars in loyalty benefits are not being captured, and thousands of retailers are missing out on the opportunity to genuinely engage with their customers and gain better insight into their needs." The modern shopping landscape has changed, with people often opting for shorter, more frequent trips to different retailers to maximise value, and OneTap Loyalty aims to bridge this gap.

OneTap Loyalty not only integrates smoothly with existing loyalty programs but also enhances and streamlines the process for both retailers and consumers. Moreover, it kickstarts an automatic, seamless loyalty process that heightens customer and business satisfaction without storing any consumer data, including payment cards, as all this information is retained within the loyalty program.

Neubauer concluded, "OneTap Loyalty removes the hurdles faced by shoppers when using loyalty programs and revolutionises the traditional approach. It transforms customer engagement for retailers. The OneTap Loyalty technology works on both new or existing member loyalty programs and is suitable for all types of program constructs."