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Salesforce launches new research into net-zero economy

Mon, 12th Sep 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Salesforce has launched new research indicating that 87% of Australian businesses say technology is essential in meeting Australia’s 2050 net zero emissions target and positively impact domestic job opportunities.  

The trail to net zero for Australia report has focused on sustainability in Australia based on insights from over 1,000 small, medium and large Australian businesses. The report analyses business sentiment and readiness to address climate change, underlining how moving to the cloud can help reduce emissions while offering policy recommendations to accelerate emissions reductions in Australia. 

Salesforce says technology plays a pivotal role in net zero progression. Success depends on increased governmental focus and support for innovation in renewable energy technology. In addition, 41% of business managers surveyed believe governments should do more to address climate change.  

80% of managers surveyed support Australia setting a net zero emissions target by 2050, with higher support amongst managers from manufacturing and transportation businesses, and 81% of managers support the government providing subsidies and incentives.  

A majority of managers believe that a shift to a net zero economy would positively impact the total number of jobs in the economy, with 52% of respondents saying they thought there would be more jobs overall as a result. In addition, 68% of managers surveyed say that if a supplying business had a net zero target, it would make them more likely to purchase their products or services in the future.

Salesforce says the impact of Australian businesses migrating to the cloud would equate to 18 million metric tonnes (Mt) of CO2 emissions reduction between now and the end of the decade (2022-2030).

“This report suggests that a net zero economy will lead to more jobs and be good for business, given the growing preference for “business to select suppliers with net-zero targets,” says Sassoon Grigorian, Vice President of Government Affairs and Public Policy, APAC and Japan, Salesforce.

Grigorian says the government and businesses need to adopt a shared digital platform to track emissions and forecast emission patterns.  

“The Salesforce Net Zero Cloud streamlines and simplifies the carbon emissions reporting process by enabling businesses to track, analyse, and report on environmental data and turn that data into actionable insights,” says Grigorian.  

Salesforce trail to net zero recommendations:

  • Develop climate technology: Support innovations that reduce emissions and increase energy efficiency. 
  • Increase investments in the cloud: Adopt cloud computing, reducing energy consumption, waste generation, and carbon emissions.
  • Address sustainability skills gap: Upskilling initiatives so employees can recognise the imperative for climate action and make decisions aligned with their organisational goals

“The urgency of the climate crisis requires swift and ambitious action to reduce our impact of emissions. Understanding the perspectives of those who are helping to drive the investment to a better future is imperative to see where gaps remain.” says Simon Bush, CEO, AIIA CEO, Salesforce.  



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