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Stripe extends Amazon partnership to power Just Walk Out technology in Australia
Wed, 27th Mar 2024

Stripe has announced an extension to its partnership with Amazon in Australia. The collaboration will see Stripe power payments for Amazon's Just Walk Out technology, offering customers an unrivalled seamless shopping experience.

The Just Walk Out technology revolutionises traditional shopping. Customers walk into a retailer and use their card or mobile wallet at the entry gate, initiating a virtual shopping session. The advanced technology then tracks what consumers pick from or return to the shelves. Upon completion of shopping, customers simply exit the store and their chosen payment method is automatically charged for the goods selected. The innovative design of this technology offers an effortless shopping experience with no waiting in queues.

Stripe's involvement will power this ground-breaking technology via the Stripe Terminal's WisePad 3S reader linked to retailers' entry gates. Once customers have finished shopping and left the premises, Stripe automatically processes the payment. Stripe Connect will also ensure a smooth transition of payments from shoppers to businesses adopting the Just Walk Out technology.

Boosting Stripe's already strong reputation for reliability, Amazon will continue to enjoy Stripe's consistently impressive API reliability. This track record has seen the platform maintain a 99.999% uptime and sustain high authorisation rates during peak shopping periods, which is fundamental to the success of the unique shopping experience offered by Just Walk Out.

Eileen O'Mara, Chief Revenue Officer at Stripe, has expressed her enthusiasm about the collaboration between Stripe and Amazon's Just Walk Out technology. She highlighted the significance of seamless transactions, stating, "The only thing better than a speedy checkout is no checkout at all." O'Mara emphasised the benefits merchants utilising Just Walk Out technology will gain through the reliability of Stripe Terminal and Connect, which have facilitated millions of successful transactions on Amazon.

The partnership expansion marks a significant milestone for Stripe. The company celebrates a decade of operation in Australia, throughout which it has been at the forefront of supporting businesses of all sizes to amplify their customers' payment experience. This new venture further solidifies that commitment.

Beyond the Just Walk Out technology, Stripe also plays a vital role as a strategic payment partner for various Amazon business lines, including Prime, Audible, Kindle, and Amazon Pay.

Amazon's Just Walk Out technology is already making waves locally. Marvel Stadium is one business that has embraced this cutting-edge technology and is reaping the benefits. This is a clear indicator that futuristic, queue-free shopping is not just possible but rapidly gaining traction.