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Taipan finds business success through Wiise ERP solutions
Wed, 14th Sep 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

ERP can act as a powerful tool to help businesses achieve workflow success. As more demands fall on enterprises, the need for new technologies also becomes increasingly apparent, and it's often hard to find a solution that helps fulfil a wide range of business needs.

Australian-owned and operated business Taipan has specialised in the distribution of hydraulic hose systems for more than 20 years. As a multifaceted company with a variety of different operational needs, Taipan has in the past heavily relied on a number of systems to manage different parts of its business, including accounting, payroll, CRM, and warehousing.

A drive for change

As with many server-based systems, the company's current software was becoming outdated, sparking a new need for ways of managing workflow systems. There was also the added issue of access because using a server-based system also meant fully remote access to business data wasn't possible, leading to further operational inefficiencies.

The business was growing as much as 18% year-on-year, and this rapid growth rate meant the company needed a solution that was scalable, easy to manage and efficient.

They needed to look no further than Wiise, a leader in the systems space who provides ERP software that manages accounting, payroll, bank feeds, inventory, CRM and more.

With the help of AfterDark Technology,  who is a Microsoft Gold Partner providing scalable SaaS solutions to Australian businesses, Taipan implemented Wiise in just nine weeks. This fast turnaround in implementing the ​​secure, cloud-based ERP meant that Taipan could find further operational efficiencies and set itself up for growth in the future.

And the results have spoken for themselves. Four systems were reduced to one, and this promoted better data-driven decision making, increased operational efficiency and streamlined inventory management.

"Using three to four different systems meant that every time we wanted to process a payment or something we had to sync the systems," says Taipan CEO Administration Linda Farrell.

"Our old system was server-based. You could only access it through remote desktop, which made it a real struggle when you weren't in the building."

AfterDark Technology Founder and Technical Director Stephen Gibson also saw these challenges first-hand and saw that outdated systems were holding Taipan back.

"Taipan were struggling with the growth and the kind of service they were trying to provide their customers," he says.

Finding success

Wiise helped address these challenges by offering simple and cost-effective functionality that greatly increased productivity and overall business success.

A key benefit of Wiise is that it is built on Microsoft Business Central, which means its foundational platform is supported by a global team of network engineers, security specialists, and solution architects. The data housed in the Wiise platform is also protected by rigorous security protocols and is automatically backed up to Azure data centres based in Australia.

The fact that Wiise is cloud-based also means it can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Taipan now had easier access and, therefore, more effective productivity. Features like landed costing and advanced warehousing allow staff at Taipan to calculate stock replenishment numbers, complete cycle counts, and track stock movements with more ease and accuracy.

Integration can often be one of the most challenging parts of implementing a new system. Luckily, Open APIs in Wiise technology allowed the AfterDark Technology team to integrate Taipan's existing business tools seamlessly. This saved time, money and stress.

This feature also significantly helped the Taipan warehousing team, as the data from Wiise fed into their picking systems from Day 1, eliminating the need for manual item calling.

When looking at the impact on the financial side of the business, Wiise technology gave Taipan's finance team the ability to enter supplier invoices and apportion goods in the same step instead of having to toggle between screens. Not having to re-key information into various platforms means teams across Taipan are spending less time investigating and fixing data-entry errors.

It's clear that through Wiise, Taipan is significantly enhancing its growth and customer and staff satisfaction. As they continue to grow, Wiise gives them the certainty and capabilities to be prepared for what lies ahead.

An industry leader

According to KPMG’s 2022 report titled Value of Connection, 97% of more than 1,300 Finance and Operations leaders worldwide plan to invest in new technologies in the immediate term, and cloud and SaaS-based core applications such as ERP systems were a higher priority compared to technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation. Having reassessed their technology stack and deployed a cloud-based ERP solution to resolve their business challenges, the leaders at Taipan mirror 97% of their peers around the globe.

ERP systems continue to have a crucial role to play in helping small and medium enterprises succeed, and Wiise is the trusted, Australian cloud-based ERP helping businesses achieve their organisational goals.

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