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Banking industry
Big tech, cloud adoption accelerating in banking sector - report
Cloud adoption in banking is accelerating as banks ramp up digital services, according to a new report from the Economist Intelligence Unit.
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Economist Intelligence Unit
New report shows perceptions of challenger and traditional banks
"The new report, which analyses online conversations, reveals that in the battle for consumers, challengers and incumbent banks will need to meet customers demands for financial empowerment, enhanced digital experiences as well as safety and security."
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Speed of technological change calls for better regulations, new study finds
“Disruption is here to stay and it is important that regulators are able to keep pace, but also balance that speed with decisions that are based on consideration of stakeholder concerns."
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Commerce Systems
Banks feeling the pressure of the digital revolution
A new report found that competition is increasing between established retail banks and the technology and eCommerce disruptors that are offering new payment solutions.
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Digital Transformation
How digital transformation efforts are commonly hindered
Two-thirds of private and public-sector organisations say they buy new systems and solutions without involving IT teams.
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Digital Transformation
Digital leaders paving the way to success, study finds
“Companies looking to develop an IT strategy for the fully digital future could gain valuable insight from the approaches of digital leaders.”