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Graham Kittle stories

Graham Kittle, a passionate and keen observer of the interplay between organisational change and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), brings to the table insightful analyses and perspectives. With a particular interest in how DE&I impacts business success, Kittle dives deep into the nuances of corporate diversity initiatives and their real-world outcomes. His work is a testament to the growing recognition within the business community of the critical role diversity plays in fostering innovation and driving forward corporate success.

In his engaging contributions, Kittle explores the findings from Heidrick & Struggles' second DE&I survey, highlighting a significant correlation between DE&I practices and positive business outcomes. Through his discussions, he articulates the evolving landscape of corporate diversity initiatives, underpinning his narratives with concrete data and emerging trends. Additionally, Kittle shares valuable insights from his discussion on Heidrick & Struggles' efforts to instigate change within organisations. His analysis not only sheds light on the challenges companies face in implementing effective DE&I strategies but also celebrates the success stories that inspire ongoing commitment to this essential aspect of modern business. In essence, Graham Kittle serves as a crucial voice in understanding and advancing the dialogue around DE&I in the business world.