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Why cyber risk management should be top priority in 2022
Has your leadership team spent much of the past two years in firefighting mode, responding to the issues that COVID-19 has created? Join the club.
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Machine learning
Cybersecurity and corporate IT predictions for 2022
The cyberattacks seen in 2021 demonstrated the dire consequences of falling short of appropriate levels of cyber resilience.
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Cheetah Digital
Why 2022 signals the ‘conscious’ commerce trend
With the rise of the eco and ethically-mindful generation, consumers scrutinise retailers more than ever before.
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Cisco ThousandEyes
‘Evidence and escalate’ is the new mantra for taking A/NZ businesses digital
To do digital experience properly, we - as enterprise IT teams and network professionals - need to get on the front foot.
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Sana Commerce
Business to business: Top tips for becoming a trusted eCommerce supplier in 2022
Giving your commercial customers the same high-quality experience online as you do in real life is essential.
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Tackling the evolving threat of ransomware in 2022
It topped the list of concerns for security teams in 2021, and indications are that ransomware will continue to cause big problems for Australian businesses this year.
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New year, new rules – understanding the cybersecurity danger areas in 2022
The World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report 2022 was released last week, revealing cybersecurity is the biggest worry for business leaders in Australia in 2022.
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Digital Transformation
Vital assets: Why modernising your organisation’s finance function has never been more important
Getting serious about digital transformation should be a priority in 2022.
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The three information management trends strengthening resilience in 2022
With recent business uncertainty, resilience has become one of the most important organisational values leaders can adopt.
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Infor Nexus
Technology is key to building resilience and addressing the supply chain challenges of 2022
2022 marks the third year of a global health crisis with unparalleled supply chain impact, and repercussions from severe supply and demand imbalances are being felt worldwide.
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Enterprise-wide cloud and smart edge computing to lead the way in 2022
The pandemic has driven an unprecedented rate of digital migration. And in an increasingly digital-first economy, APAC organisations are leading the charge, with research revealing that 28% of organisations in APAC are already in the most progressive stages of digital transformation maturity.
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Kodari Securities (KOSEC)
Investment in innovation: trends and opportunities
Moving into 2022, with COVID-19 still front of mind, there are interesting and immediate implications when it comes to investing in innovation as a result of the pandemic.
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Kiwi tech firms unite in global security push
High-growth technology companies form the Security Technology Alliance, designed to create a new high-growth and high-value industry category for the country.