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Adelaide set to bloom as AI hub with Trellis Data's expansion
Wed, 21st Feb 2024

Adelaide is primed to become a prominent hub for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning following the recent announcement that Trellis Data, a leading AI and machine learning specialist, is opening a new office in the city. The Australian company's expansion comes on the heels of its successful penetration of the United States market. With this latest development, Trellis Data aims to further solidify its position as a key player in the Australian AI sector, delivering sovereign AI solutions to the Australian government and defence clients.

Trellis Data's is focused on addressing the key concerns that come with the adoption of latest AI technologies by specialising in secure, disconnected AI applications that dovetail seamlessly with existing business systems. This distinctive focus answers CEOs' increasing need for integrating sensitive data without losing control over it or seeing it transferred overseas.

Mark Ryan, the new Vice President of Trellis Data and a retired Australian Air Force wing commander, said, "We've spoken to many CEOs and continue to hear the same thing: that integrating sensitive data is of the utmost importance. There are many agencies looking to leverage the latest AI technologies, but they want to ensure they maintain control of their data and don't see it go abroad."

According to Ryan, partnering with an Australian and sovereign AI company such as Trellis Data brings numerous benefits. These include assurance of unprecedented security and dedicated support, essential for a successful outcome. Furthermore, this partnership is set to lead to the creation of 300 to 500 professional jobs in the next five years, injecting over $100 million into the South Australian economy and further cementing Adelaide as a burgeoning tech hub.

Trellis Data has a wide range of AI technologies, including generative AI, transcription, translation, and computer vision. Thanks to these solutions designed to improve efficiencies, time and costs are significantly reduced. "We know the government is looking for local solutions that meet their changing needs and Trellis Data is ideally positioned to help. Crucially, investing in a local partner will yield huge returns in the future, upskilling local talent and developing an AI sector that can play a leading role on the global stage," Ryan stated, expressing his excitement about the future potential of the new office.

By fostering local talent and advancing the AI industry regionally, Trellis Data is not only contributing to the South Australian economy but also helping to build a robust tech community. This move exemplifies Trellis Data's commitment to pioneering growth and excellence in the AI industry at both the national and international levels.

With a focus on creating efficiencies and cost savings, Trellis Data leverages cutting-edge technologies in GEN AI, transcription, translation and computer vision to deliver innovative solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing business systems. Headquartered in Canberra, Australia, Trellis Data is committed to driving growth and excellence in the AI industry, both locally and internationally.