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Australians set to embrace cloud; Verizon launches management platform
Wed, 7th Feb 2024

The results of the Forrester State of Cloud in Australia and New Zealand 2023 report highlight that 53% of Australian organisations are aiming to take the leap towards cloud adoption within the forthcoming year. This increasing trend of remote and hybrid working is prompting a greater number of firms to explore their cloud management and migration alternatives.

In response to this burgeoning demand for effective and enhanced cloud solutions, Verizon Business has introduced its Network as a Service (NaaS) Cloud Management platform. This service facilitates businesses to command and control elements of applications and network architecture across a diverse range of cloud environments - hybrid, private, and public, all via a consolidated online portal.

The versatile solution has been specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with Verizon Business's existing NaaS offering, to considerably ease the complexity involved in multi-cloud management. Within the elaborate infrastructure of NaaS, the Cloud Management tool is set to be a significant skill enhancer.

Multi-cloud networking is a preferred choice for several enterprises due to its capability to host applications in cloud environments with varying data-sovereignty policies, compatibility and accessibility provisions. However, it presents distinctive challenges for enterprise-level CIOs, such as the development of standardised security practices and architecture, and connection of workloads across differing cloud environments. The NaaS Cloud Management system is designed to mitigate these concerns, promising faster application connections and response times, and providing an enhanced visibility of network conditions, performance, and process management across the entire multi-cloud environment.

The platform provides a comprehensive and singular view of cloud network and application performance, which offers an easy insight into a broad set of metrics such as overall service health, network traffic, global network cloud connections, issue management tickets and many more. Furthermore, it allows users to establish connectivity between varying environments - public, private, and hybrid, and between the clouds and edge network infrastructure. Crucially, it provides for the secure interconnection of cloud service providers, data centres, and end-users whilst maintaining rigorous security standards.

NaaS Cloud Management not only standardises workload connectivity but also provides a uniform procedure for configurations, governance, and security protocols. It simplifies and consolidates multifaceted multi-cloud networking processes into an integrated and simple network workflow. This supports any and all business transformations processes, offering a significant advantage to businesses.

Apart from this, since the solution is designed to work with Verizon Business's extant NaaS offering, it enables customers to quickly provision and monitor secure cloud and connectivity services across multiple cloud service providers, through a single management portal.

“The NaaS Cloud Management solution has the potential to transform the way IT teams deploy and manage cloud applications and monitor multi-cloud connections, making the process simpler and more user-friendly than ever before,” said Debika Bhattacharya, Chief Product Officer, Verizon Business. She also elaborated how being able to deploy workload connections swiftly between different environments empowers organisations to scale cloud engineering, development processes, minimise risk, and operate with minimal friction.