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Elaine Stead joins Australian fund Main Sequence for deep tech investments
Wed, 20th Mar 2024

Main Sequence, the Australian deep tech investment fund, is excited to share that Elaine Stead, a renowned investor and entrepreneur, joined the team. Ms Stead carries a rich history of experience within Australia's VC, deep tech, and research ecosystem. This valuable insight is crucial for bridging the gap between research and commercialisation, reverberating Main Sequence's commitment to identifying potent startups and addressing global challenges.

Elaine Stead's joining of the investment team solidifies Main Sequence's firm foundation of industry and expert knowledge. As a distinguished scientist, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist, she strengthens the company's mission of nurturing and funding deep tech businesses. Her arrival further solidifies the fund's aim to translate research into answers for significant global predicaments.

Elaine's research background in Biochemistry and Microbiology/Immunology will play an instrumental role in identifying opportunities for Main Sequence's investment challenge titled 'Reach Humanity Scale Healthcare.' This initiative seeks to address the inconsistencies and disparities in global healthcare delivery. Utilising Elaine's expertise moves Main Sequence one step closer towards achieving this paramount objective.

"Main Sequence's work is truly vital," Elaine Stead affirmed. "The role of a deep tech VC is not without its challenges, especially when investing early in technologies that have yet to prove their worth. Main Sequence is at the cutting edge of developing and backing some of the most exhilarating and influential companies we've seen to date."

Elaine's appointment is a strategic decision made by Main Sequence in order to continue supporting transformative companies and technologies, forging new industries in the process. Martin Duursma, Partner at Main Sequence, explains, "Our primary hurdle as deep tech investors is the sourcing of adequate resources and knowledge to aid our portfolio companies in creating a durable impact. Essential to this mission are the people at the helm."

To her new role, Elaine brings a rich wealth of transferable skills and previous experience. Notably, she served as the Director of New Ventures and Entrepreneurship at the Australian National University (ANU), leading startup and equity investment strategies. Ms Stead also has a record of founding venture businesses, such as Human VC and Tribe Global Ventures, wherein she remains a stakeholder as these firms continue expanding.

Main Sequence's investment in Ms Stead's expertise underlines the firm's dedication to growing transformative technologies and assisting ambitious startups capable of making a lasting impact on global challenges.