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Google for Investing - InvestmentMarkets launches in Australia
Mon, 18th Mar 2024

Coined as the 'Google for Investing', InvestmentMarkets, an investment comparison site for wholesale and retail investors, is making its debut in Australia, aiming to democratically reveal the world of funds management and provide extensive investment opportunities for everyday individuals.

The platform, described as an unprecedented Australian first, offers comprehensive access to numerous investment opportunities across all asset classes such as Managed Funds, Equity and Shares, Property, Fixed Interest, Alternative, Multi-Asset, Term Deposits, Growth, Income, ETFs, Crowd Sourced Funding, and ESG.

Created by former financial adviser Angelina Wu and former fund manager Chris Morton, InvestmentMarkets has officially commenced with close to 500 funds and investment vehicles on its platform. This includes market leaders like JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, abrdn, Magellan, and Perpetual, amongst other smaller and innovative investment products. The minimum investment amount for products listed on the platform varies from no minimums for an ETF to $1,000,000 for some Wholesale Funds.

Angelina Wu, CEO of InvestmentMarkets, considers the platform as "Australia's Investment Central," designed to empower individual investors to explore, compare, and engage with a blossoming variety of investment products with ease. She stated, "Whether it's established managed funds, emerging funds, IPOs, scale-up or start-up investments, InvestmentMarkets provides unparalleled access to opportunities for investors."

The platform seeks to streamline the investment discovery process for self-directed investors via a robust set of tools, including a powerful search engine, an intuitive dashboard, and comprehensive filtering options. Wu expressed that similar to how property searches are simplified through numerous filters by, InvestmentMarkets aims to enable informed decision making for investors.

InvestmentMarkets also functions as an educational hub, hosting regular events and publishing insightful articles and informative videos. This assists investors in their decision-making processes by ensuring they stay informed about various investment opportunities and market trends.

The platform also offers manifest visibility and exposure for investment product issuers. As the investor community within InvestmentMarkets continues to expand, product issuers will have increased views, clicks, and leads for their products from the platform, resulting in more capital flow.

InvestmentMarkets is a neutral provider that does not receive commissions based on whether an investment is made or not. Its ownership is distinct from institutions and comprises financial services professionals, entrepreneurs, family offices, and VC funds.

Chris Morton, the co-founder, anticipates the platform's offerings to substantially expand over the coming years, targeting 3,000 investment products by 2026. He stated, "We're humbled by the recognition and support we've received from so many different quarters. It validates our mission to make investment opportunities accessible to all and supports our belief in the need for such a platform."