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Workday recognised again as Leader in Cloud HCM for 8th year
Tue, 24th Oct 2023

Workday, the leading enterprise for cloud applications pertaining to finance and human resources, has continued its winning streak by being named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) Suites for 1,000+ Employee Enterprises. This marks the eighth year in a row that Workday has received such recognition, and it highlights their superior 'Ability to Execute' in the field.

Workday's HCM system has become a central tool for organisations adapting to changing business and workforce demands. This unified system is instrumental in accelerating informed talent decisions and enhancing operational efficiency. Encompassing widely recognised brands such as PwC, PUMA, TaylorMade, and more, nearly 5,000 organisations worldwide employ the Workday HCM to manage their workforce and empower talent growth.

David Somers, group general manager, office of the chief human resource officer product, Workday, emphasised that their sustained success comes from their innovative measures. "Our innovations offer customers foundational solutions - recruiting, payroll, learning, talent optimisation, workforce management, and more – in one unified, cloud-based system. This makes it more straightforward to grow and support a global workforce," he stated.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) now lay at the core of the Workday platform, decentralising cutting-edge solutions for customers across all applications. The inclusion of AI allows for the delivery of personalised content and development opportunities to employees, ultimately driving engagement, productivity, and organisational growth. For instance, the Manager Insights Hub, a new solution within Workday HCM, exploits AI for delivering automated insights and expedient actions for managers, thus promoting career growth and development for their teams.

Workday HCM undertakes 625 billion transactions annually, generating accurate and trustworthy results that enable managers to engage in meaningful career conversations with their reportees. These invaluable insights help shape the business strategy while guiding workforce agility on a larger scale. In line with this, Workday also offers Workday Adaptive Planning, an automated headcount reconciliation process that provides organisations with real-time cost variances between the headcount plan and actual new hire activity.

As part of its evolving business and payroll strategy, Workday offers its users the ability to adapt to multiple business and payroll needs. This is being achieved by developing deeper integrations with strategic payroll partners and delivering new native payroll offerings. Further improvements are underway with Workday Payroll for Australia, which aims to improve control, flexibility, and insight while supporting changes in compensation, benefits, and compliance.

Workday's ability to recognise complex cloud transformations is particularly beneficial for accommodating industry-specific demands while ensuring future growth. By adopting both Workday and partner solutions, numerous sectors including banking, healthcare, higher education, retail, and more can expedite their digital transformation efforts and accelerate their overall value.