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Adrian Iannessa stories

Adrian Iannessa is a seasoned commentator on the evolving landscape of technology in the business sphere. With a nuanced understanding of complex IT scenarios, he brings an insightful perspective on how companies can navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by digital transformation.

His interest in cost-efficiency is apparent in his discussion of multi-cloud spending, where he advocates for a strategic approach to managing cloud services without breaking the bank. Iannessa's expertise also extends to the dynamic domain of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), as he highlights the ways in which IaaS can enhance business agility and speed in an ever-competitive market.

Data management stands as another area of concern and focus for Iannessa. He emphasises the difficulties faced by businesses in Australia and New Zealand, who grapple with the deluge of data that can often stall digital progress. His association with industry heavyweights like Dell Technologies underscores his engagement with practical solutions to tech-related challenges that modern enterprises encounter.