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Larry Quinlan stories

Larry Quinlan is a figure of notable distinction in the realm of technology and business. With an illustrious background as the former CIO of Deloitte, his expertise is recognised widely, leading to his recent appointment as an independent, non-executive member of the Board of Directors at Boomi, a leading cloud-based integration platform. This role underlines his deep understanding of digital transformation and the strategic deployment of technology in enhancing business operations.

Quinlan's interests appear to span across the vibrant spectrum of technological innovation and leadership within the enterprise software domain. His involvement with Boomi suggests a keen inclination towards cloud-native platforms and the transformative potential they hold for businesses. Moreover, by aligning with organisations that are at the forefront of cloud technology and security solutions, such as Delinea, Quinlan demonstrates a proclivity for supporting the growth and development of cutting-edge digital infrastructure. This propensity underscores a commitment to fostering environments where technology facilitates strategic advantage and robust financial health.