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Legacy news stories

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Digital Transformation
How to modernise legacy apps without compromising security
At a time when digital transformation has become central to business, even the most important applications come with a ‘use-by’ date.
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When technology overstays its welcome
Battles with ‘legacy’ systems have transitioned into broader battles with ‘tech debt’, but the root cause and resolution options are still much the same.
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Digital Transformation
Vital assets: Why modernising your organisation’s finance function has never been more important
Getting serious about digital transformation should be a priority in 2022.
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Manufacturers struggle to close security gaps as they undergo digital transformation
“Manufacturers face a growing need for security tools to ensure seamless operations and defend themselves against attacks that can cause downtime, financial loss and reputational damage."
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Legacy tech will never be dead – it’s a hybrid cloud world forever
Pretty much every business that runs its own IT infrastructure will have had discussions in recent years about legacy technology. Often these conversations are focused on the negatives of these systems, but for many organisations, these systems are also critical to business operations.
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Cloudflare announces new migration program and firewall expansion
Cloudflare has announced it is expanding its Zero Trust firewall capabilities while also revealing a new program to help customers migrate from legacy hardware to the Cloudflare One suite of Zero Trust solutions.
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Digital Transformation
Achieving business goals by managing digital transformation and legacy software
Businesses must consider whether to retire legacy systems, or determine whether they can support the organisation’s broader digital transformation initiatives.
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Delivering value faster will be essential in the post-COVID world
Those who are best equipped to operate on a lean budget and those with the best tools will gain market share. Those who do not have their technology in order will be left fighting for crumbs, writes OutSystems vice president for APAC Mark Weaser.
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Hybrid Cloud
Google Cloud Anthos generally available on AWS
Since Anthos launched in preview two years ago, Lin says the company has been developing new capabilities to help organisations develop, deploy, and manage applications quickly and flexibly.
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Business Continuity
FusionLayer introduces cloud-native blueprint for DDI solutions
The new architecture takes a cloud-native based blueprint and pairs it with a structured migration plan, so enterprises can mitigate against business continuity threats as they move away from legacy systems.
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Silver Peak partnership acquires Cleveland and Cincinnati data centers
The acquisition will introduce financial grade, turn-key, Tier III data centers to the local markets, which historically have not been available for lease.
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Legacy applications a ‘healthcare cybersecurity nightmare’
A new whitepaper launched today that sought to bring light to just how dire the cybersecurity situation with hospitals really is.
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Addressing legacy gridlock key to maximising AI
We all know that the value of data analytics is huge, but only if you can get to it - overcoming the barriers that legacy systems present.
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UK spending more on cloud than data centres - but is it money well spent?
New research has revealed over the last three years UK businesses have spent more on cloud than on data centres, but Claranet says many aren't ready.
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Unlocking legacy assets with an internal digital platform
Organisations must shift their thinking from integrating multiple systems across the business, to building a platform.
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Machine Learning
2018 forecast to be the year of hardware and mainframe modernisation
This expert says the advance of AI, machine learning and the IoT in 2018 will expose the importance of modernising legacy hardware and mainframes.