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Sharryn Napier stories

Sharryn Napier is an insightful author with a keen interest in the intersections of technology, business, and digital innovation. Her column on the Fourth Industrial Revolution reflects an acute understanding of the transformative power technology holds and its significant implications for organisations looking to navigate these changes. Sharryn demonstrates an analytical approach to how companies can adapt in this rapidly evolving landscape, highlighting themes of #technology, #digital, and #business.

With an eye towards future trends, Sharryn explores the concept of Hybrid Cloud Analytics with a comparative lens, drawing parallels between the hybridisation of vehicles, sports equipment, and now, technology. Her work dissects emerging solutions, asking critical questions about their functions and applications in a world where hybrid systems are increasingly prevalent.

Addressing the imperatives of the digital age, Sharryn delves into the necessity of cloud migration for enterprises, especially in the wake of the pandemic which has accelerated the need for digital transformation. Her commentary on cloud services spending, even amidst shrinking IT budgets, emphasises the urgency and priority it holds for contemporary businesses.

Furthermore, Sharryn tackles the complex task of building a business case for observability in IT, weaving together the importance of seamless customer experiences with the challenges chief technology officers (CTOs) face in proving its return on investment (ROI). Her ability to articulate the value of technical investments places a spotlight on the critical elements required for business success.

In commemoration of International Women's Day 2023, Sharryn turns her focus to the crucial role of open source and artificial intelligence (AI) in addressing Australia's skills shortage. She presents a poised argument on the need for developers, and how this demand-supply gap threatens Australian companies' global competitiveness. Sharryn's work is a testament to her deep engagement with issues at the forefront of digital progression and her commitment to examining the solutions that might shape Australia's future in the global tech arena.