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Aussie healthcare startup Coviu highlights rapid growth
Australian startup specialising in virtual healthcare is expanding its product offering and launching in the US following an era of significant growth.
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What the metaverse means for retail brands and eCommerce
Already retailers are exploring the metaverse as a new platform for sales, what are the possibilities and what do brands need to be thinking about?
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Consumer relationships with digital services continues to change
Two years of pandemic-induced reliance on technology for work has altered our relationship with digital apps and services, new research has found.
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Jabra investigates what makes an ideal hybrid work model
“The way we work has changed forever and the current state of knowledge work requires access to digital platforms and technologies to be successful."
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Google Workspace announces extensive updates for Meet, Chat and Voice
Google Workspace has announced updates across Google Meet, Chat, and Voice, with the aim of helping provide better hybrid work solutions.
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25% of people will spend at least one hour a day in the metaverse by 2026
Vendors are already building ways for users to replicate their lives in the digital world, according to Gartner.
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Online shopping
Back in style: Virtual try-on tech making waves on social media
Virtual try-on tech has become the latest trend to hit the global online shopping market, with one platform reporting almost half a million outfits tried on in one week.
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CodeBlue rolls out nationwide CIO Services
“The fact that we’re vendor agnostic and have an absolute focus on delivering value over time are important elements."